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Developing New Interventions to Support NeuroDiverse Individuals


Susan Golubock, a retired Autistic Occupational Therapist, previously worked on the Baio Enterprises Team.  She recently brought a new idea to the current team, Neuro Strengths-Based Approach to Autism.  Staci Neustadt, Therapy Director of Baio Enterprises and Speech-Language Pathologist, has joined Susan in developing training material so other therapists can also implement this approach.

Speech and Occupational Therapists have embraced this new idea of looking at strengths instead of deficits as well as truly understanding how the Autistic brain works so we can adjust our approaches and interventions so that progress is made on goals instead of just temporary compliance.  

To fund the first stage of research, to determine if the training teaches therapists how to write successful NSBAA goals, Susan and Staci are requesting donations to meet their goal of $3000.  Donations will be used to fund materials, incentives, and payments for analysts to complete this stage.

If you would like to donate, please note the donation is for "research."  Thank you for your support with the project!

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