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The founder Marti Baio

In 1994, Marti Baio established Baio Enterprises, a therapy company that provides speech and occupational therapy to people with disabilities.  Shortly after establishing her therapy business, Marti saw the need many families had but could not afford to do to support their Autistic children or Autistic adults.  Marti founded Baio Institute to help Autistic Individuals get the therapy items as well as the support they needed to live a successful life.  These supports range from teaching strategies to improve Executive Functioning weaknesses so the individual can get and maintain a job,  paying for Special Interest Groups so Autistic individuals can join a group of people who love the same topic and to make friends, or to provide financial support to families trying to juggle work with their child's therapy needs yet struggle to pay the bills. 

Baio Institute’s Vision

Empowering Autistic individuals with the necessary skills for self-advocacy and confidence in order to live out all aspects of a fulfilling life.

Baio Institute’s Mission

Baio Institute sees the value in every Autistic individual.  Baio Institute’s purpose is to provide access to person-centered, strength-based support services.   Baio Institute strives to raise funds to assist Autistic individuals who need financial support to pay for specialized therapies, medical treatments, service dogs, equipment, studies, community education, etc. Baio Institute’s assistance to each individual empowers them to reach their personal life goals.

Girl with Dogs
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